Manager Feedback Program 2018 results

I did not post here a longer time as I had pretty much things to do at work as well as in my personal life.

But now I found some time to add at least these results here. Very similar to last year, I am posting the results of my feedback from my team of developers, which currently consists of 17 ABAP/Fiori guys and 1 lady! ;)

Very similar to last year, there were similar questions, 15 closed, 3 opened.

Results from 2017 are here.

This year I had 13 out of 16 possible responses(team of 18, 1 on LOA and 1 joined after MFP was generated), I had something to focus on. Engage people not to be afraid to come up with ideas, as last year was significant in fulfilling the goals coming from MFP. I want to focus on getting all possible responses to this feedback through more engagement of the team by explaining things about feedbacks and still working for my team to have better working environment, better projects and get their high satisfaction.

Taking the other view on this MFP, I scored very high - 96/4/0 in Exceeds/Achieves/Expects More ratings.

MFP 2018 Results

I am more than happy to get such great score and there is a long way in front of me to get even better results.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Have a nice day.

#mfp #management

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