Manager feedback program results

Hello all,

As promised, I am bringing my overall results out.

The survey contained 16 questions with options to answer: Strongly agree, Agree, Neither agree or disagree, Disagree and Strongly disagree.

Furthermore it contained also open questions: What my manager should START/CONTINUE/STOP doing.

Between question there were: "My manager sets clear expectations on my performance and contribution" or "My manager is approachable when I need to discuss personal/business topics"

eventually the one that matter more to managers and that is: "My manager acts as a role model and earns my respect and trust"

On top of this I received very good comments, what we should start doing - more as IBM Slovakia, so there is challenge to get more people involved in solving these challenges/issues/desires/requests.

Overall results were fine to me, first time in ABAP team we achieved 100% participation and the result graph is below - we were able to boost the results from the bottom to "safe mid". As I am trying to push for the best, I am looking forward to next year's survey and will work hard to get better results.

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