Hello again

Another update is coming.

After I have ended my assignment in Germany, I was asked to help another account for unspecified time, which was set by goal achieved: "Sell another opportunity and finish required current project."

These goals were achieved within 1 month, so I was released again.

After this, people from my network contacted me with requirement for ABAP developers, even though that I am not the best developer, however able to deliver what is requested with nice quality, pace and build relationship with customer, they decided to take me on board especially for the last mentioned.

They said, they need developer, who is able to build strong relationship and sell further opportunities.

It is not secret fact, that I would like to move away from development and I am aiming to management more and more as I realized I love working with people, motivating them, pushing them out of their comfort zone and showing them they are better than they initially thought.

On top of this, there is Manager Feedback Program currently running in IBM and my team will give me feedback, I will come with the results.

Stay tuned!

Lets see, what future brings!

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