New Year, New challenges

Dear reader,

welcome back.

After last post, new things happened.

Old friends got in touch with me and asked me to join there project, aaaand voila I am working for a project in Germany. My role is split between developer, teamleader, architect and sales person. Besides this I ended my first 6 months being manager of ABAP team, taking care of approximately 20 ABAP developers scaterred on multiple projects in multiple countries.

If I am successful in my role is more question to them or my management.

Regarding other activities within IBM, table soccer tournament is taking its 3rd season, still playing in 2 conferences. This year we agreed to have finals in Kosice, therefore I am looking pretty much to this!

On top of these activities which are filling my working time on approximately 120%, there are another activities I would like to perform as manager.

One of them is "An hour with your manager" where I will have time dedicated to my team, where they can come in and ask what they are interested in.

Have a nice day.

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