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Everything started in Denmark, where I am assigned to a project. I was able to convince customer we need more developers, so currently there are 4 of us. As good colleagues we were staying in same hotel, where close to the reception we found calcetto(table soccer). My 3 colleagues immediately went to check the table - after this I was informed, that they used to play in the IBM office in Bratislava as well. There was a guy who came with this idea, so they made colleague funding of their own calcetto table.

I, personally, do not play this pretty well, however I was told, that I could earn money by commenting games. I am much better in that compared to playing.

However that was first piece into my idea - found GBS CIC Table Soccer League, which will hopefully connect multiple capabilities, genders and people together. I hope crossgender teams along with crossapplication teams will join.

Together with 2 colleagues we simplify official rules and made small request.

Entry fee was set to 0, there will be prizes for winner of course and lots of fun I believe.

Once I was told by, for me very good CEO, if you want your company to prosper you have to use 10% of your income and give it back to company - by company I mean employees. Because employees are real basis elements of every company. They can come up with multiple ideas, there are much more information that are coming in between colleagues than from employees to managers.

Lets hope there will be many information shared during calchetto matches, that will help us towards building better community of colleagues.

Keep fingers crossed!

Thanks and have a nice day.

#teambuilding #IBM #tablesoccer

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