First project in IBM

After almost 3 months in Denmark I can see that project I am currently assigned to is big challenge not only based on work, but also technologies and all skills I might improve.

Technical work is mixed between new development or interesting things in new area of SAP for me, working with IS-Retail as well as some incidents solving and recommendations how to improve process - after 3 months, that is fine I think.

What is the best here - I can improve also my soft skills - communication, selling techniques and even see and observe job of our project manager, who is really friendly and success-oriented.

After my first demand was finished team for which I worked chose me to take subproject fully autonomous of other developments and I should be assigned purely to Promotion Management team for next 2-3 months. Again multiple deliverables are expected, so I am very interested in what new I will learn and if I am still able to place more people on this project :)

Keep fingers crossed and I would like to wish you nice day.

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